About Mupenzi Children’s Home

Mission Statement:

Mupenzi children’s home exists to care for orphaned and vulnerable children by providing shelter, healthcare, education and a safe environment in which these children can gain life skills, self-confidence and the benefits of a close, nurturing community.

 The Issue:

The ongoing effects of war, disease, poverty, moral degeneration, cultural decay and natural disasters in Uganda have left many children extremely deprived and vulnerable.  In addition, the children are exposed to the realities of child slavery for the benefit of others. The percentage of HIV orphaned children, street kids, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, and criminal cases are on the increase among the youth yet the youth constitute ¾ of the entire productive population of the country. Situation worsens if the children are not educated and given a right to a proper home for moral uplift.


A just society where there is an equality of opportunity, to both orphans and vulnerable children, in all spheres, including education and equal access to a healthy life in a secure and enabling environment.