What is the Most Powerful Gift You Can Give A Child?

The most powerful gift you can give a child is a reason to smile. If a child is smiling, they are not thinking about what ever maybe wrong in their life at that particular moment. At the Mupenzi Children’s Home, volunteers work effortless and selfishly to ensure that the children in their care have a reason to smile. If you look at these children, they are not any different from any child in the world. They want to learn, laugh, and feel secure. Simple activities like playing with paper airplanes or jump rope can provide a child with a temporary escape from the harsh realities of their life. Clothes you thing are old and in need of the trash can maybe a treasure to these little angels. They remind us of what God teaches us. Materialistic accumulation is not important or needed to make you happy. God teaches the meek and promise them an inheritance that surpasses any item one can obtain on Earth. It is easy to help the Mupenzi Children’s Home, all it takes is a little effort and a lot of caring. You can find them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/124624280946719?id=146537785422035&notif_t=like. You can visit their website that is still under construction at http://www.mupenzichildrenshome.org/

If you decided you want to send clothing, toys, school supplies, etc you can send them directly to the children at




…P.O BOX 7270


3 thoughts on “What is the Most Powerful Gift You Can Give A Child?

  1. The most powerful gift i can give to achild is awarm hug when they need it most, when they are vulnerable and feel hopeless, i can hug them and assure them that everything will be okey.and thats can create such a lovely smile on their faces

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