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Mupenzi Children’s Home Has An Awesome Website!

Healing the world one child at a time may sound like a cliche, but there is a group of individuals doing just that. Let by the courageous Plautira Mbabazi, the Mupenzi Children’s Home is turning nightmares into dreams! Mupenzi Children’s Home welcomes your involvement through donations, which will create an immediate difference in the lives of the children. Your generous gift will allow us to build a children’s shelter, take children and provide medical care for the children.

.$30,000 to purchase land
.$25,000 to start the construction of the children shelter
.$10,000 to furnish the shelter
.$15,000 to start the construction of the school.
.$5,000 to feed 15 the children for 1 year
.$3,000 to cover medical bills
.$2500 to cover water and power bills for a year
.$2,000 purchase 20 double decker beds
.$540 school fees for 1 child per year
.$500 to buy blankets for 30children in the home
.$220 to buy bed sheets for 30children
.$80 feed 1 child a term/ (3months)

For more information, visit the Mupenzi Children’s Home website at
You can also follow the Home as well as the people who are working hard for the children at