Meet Jordan Musungu

8 year Jordan

Age: 8 years old
School: Nsambya Junior School
Class: Primary 2
Story line: Little Jordan was brought from Mbale by his grandmother . At the time she was 85 years old and needed help with the care and education of Jordan. Jordan’s grandmother heard of Plautira Mbabazi’s work with the Mupenzi Children’s Home and contacted her on behalf of Jordan.  Jordan was born with sickle cells disease and needed so much attention, and his grandmother could not further support him. Jordan is a strong and ambitious child who loves sports and running. He is an excellent student who loves learning in school. He enjoys eating Matooke ( bananas) as much as he can get his hands on. Jordan is an angel looking for a friend who can sponsor him through his education

Visit the Mupenzi Children’s Home website to find out how easy it is to help Jordan and many other children like him. You can also chat with members of the Home and their thousands of followers on Facebook. You will be surprised with how little can mean so much to the lives of children like Jordan. Click on the links below to visit the website or follow the Home on Facebook.

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