When Smiling Brings You Joy


   Why are the children so happy? They don’t have on the latest fashions. They don’t have Iphones or they latest gadgets nor do they have the latest toys that floods our television screens. Why are they so happy? They don’t have modern schools with central air and computers. They don’t have healthcare plans or the healthiest foods to splurge like we do in the West. Would you believe these smiles belong to residents of an orphanage?
   A wise woman by the name of Ellah Stellar Kayla Nalongo once said ,” sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,  but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile, and smiles come from within. ” During the slavery era in the United States, one ploy the slaves used was to smile in the face of tragedy. When you smile it makes you feel better and it makes those around you do the same. The individuals who operate the Mupenzi Children’s Home in Uganda are a big reason why these children can smile. They work tirelessly to ensure these beautiful children have a reason to smile no matter what they have or what they are lacking.
   Would you like to know more on their efforts?  Maybe you would like to help make these children smile. They’re on Facebook and you can interact with the amazing individuals on the front lines making these angels smile. Search Mupenzi on Facebook and you’ll find two pages you can like and learn more about the amazing work going on in Uganda.  You can also visit their website at http://www.mupenzichildrenshome.org/#2805 . Share the word,  make a donation, or stop by and say hello on Facebook. And remember, no one can stop you from smiling.

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