History Of Mupenzi Children’s Home

A girl who was orphaned at a tender age started Mupenzi childrens home. Plautira was raised in orphanages and started looking out for children in villages, on streets and in deserted places. At the age of 17 years old, she was taking care of 4orphans alongside making outreach programs to go out and find children in need. At this time, she had no external support and had to rely on a job, which paid minimal wages. She was the blessed when she met an American friend and volunteer in 2010 named Matthew Watson who joined together 35orphans whom Plautira had met within the outreach program. Matthew Watson(USA) helped to fully sponsor the children in Plautira’s care by funding their education and welfare while mobilizing donation in the USA. Plautira later met Doctor Lior Angelovic (Italy) who was also very pleased with the work we were doing and immediately mobilized friends by starting a facebook group page for the project to launch his campaign. He personally dedicated time to meet up with many people from different professions and ask them to support the project. One person to mention is the Angelique woman Roxana Zaharia( Bucharest) who is completely dedicated to helping these children.  Matthew Watson, Lior Angelovici and Roxana Zaharia dreamed of the best things for the orphans in Uganda and this project in particular. Mupenzi childrens home is established in Jinja- Wairaka-Uganda.

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