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Meet Timothy and Benjamin


These two warriors were found in Bududa that is located in Eastern Uganda. They were left to survive for themselves after a devastating mudslide flattened their village destroying everything in it including their family. They are survivors, and with the aid of the The Mupenzi children’s home Project in Uganda they have a chance to learn, live, and obtain happiness. It does not take much to help these warriors live a normal life. They have a warrior spirit, but they should be able to live as children.  Your clothes that are in good condition, books, paper, toys, or a simple donation as little as 20$ can go a long way in helping these boys feel safe, secure, and happy!  They did the hard part they survived! Now it is your turn.

Meet Jeff the LionHeart

I would like you to meet a very courageous and strong young man named Jeff.  If you list antonyms for courageous like bold, brave, dauntless, doughty, fearless, gallant, greathearted, gutsy, gutty, and heroic. Jeff could be described by all of these attributes! If I had to pick an adjective to describe Jeff, it would be lionhearted! Jeff has the heart of a lion because at 4 years old he has experienced more tribulations then most people experience in a lifetime. This handsome little lion was born with HIV and he has no parents. He is a resident at the Mupenzi Children’s Home, and is one of the many inspirational children you will meet on this blog. He does not let his condition define him, and he is laughing and smiling through his ordeals as he tries to have as normal a childhood as he can. He likes to play football but there are times when he is just quiet and keeps to himself.  Jeff does not need pity, because he has a lion’s heart and he will face his destiny with the ferociousness of a lion on the hunt in the Serengeti.  What he could use is some help, some prayers, and some inspiration. You can help by sending clothing, toys, school supplies, or financial donations. You can send them directly to


You can also join the Mupenzi Children’s Home Facebook page at

The Heart of a Lion!

You can ask Plautira Mbabazi questions directly on Facebook about the needs of the children and she will answer every question. She is the glue that is helping to hold them together. Let us start our journey in which we will heal the world, one child at a time!

What is the Most Powerful Gift You Can Give A Child?

The most powerful gift you can give a child is a reason to smile. If a child is smiling, they are not thinking about what ever maybe wrong in their life at that particular moment. At the Mupenzi Children’s Home, volunteers work effortless and selfishly to ensure that the children in their care have a reason to smile. If you look at these children, they are not any different from any child in the world. They want to learn, laugh, and feel secure. Simple activities like playing with paper airplanes or jump rope can provide a child with a temporary escape from the harsh realities of their life. Clothes you thing are old and in need of the trash can maybe a treasure to these little angels. They remind us of what God teaches us. Materialistic accumulation is not important or needed to make you happy. God teaches the meek and promise them an inheritance that surpasses any item one can obtain on Earth. It is easy to help the Mupenzi Children’s Home, all it takes is a little effort and a lot of caring. You can find them on Facebook at You can visit their website that is still under construction at

If you decided you want to send clothing, toys, school supplies, etc you can send them directly to the children at




…P.O BOX 7270


Meet Juliet Martin

Meet the beautiful mother of so many orphans and Mupenzi Children’s Home. Juliet martin sponsors so many children here and brings smiles and joy whenever she is around. Together with her husband ,this kind woman loved and cared for Plautira Mbabazi like a little girl and its because of Juliet Martin that Plautira saw her way into the orphanages she was in. Juliet Martin has not stopped caring and loving the orphans, she inspires others  without expecting anything in return. She continues to spread her love around Uganda, aside from the Mupenzi Children’s Home. Her compassion and commitment to those less fortunate then her is another example of how the Mupenzi Children’s Home will help heal the world, one child at a time. To get to know this angel on Earth you can find her on the Mupenzi Facebook page at                                       

Meet Plautira Mbabazi

Plautira Mbabazi is 22 years old, has a salary of $ 150 per month and takes care of four orphans. When she was little, she fled war torn areas of Africa, with her family.  She lost her relatives, however, and was raised in Uganda, in an orphanage. Orphaned, homeless, victims of war, she survived managed to survive.  She now works as a librarian at the Ministry of Energy and Development in Kampala. She wants is to help others like her to survive. “I was one of those children who do not remember anything good childhood,” says Plautira. “The reason I survived was to straighten my attention toward children who have suffered like me.” “War, disease, poverty, moral and cultural degeneration have left many vulnerable children in Uganda. They are exposed to slavery, “says Plautira. Asked what people should do to help, Plautira answer “to reach out. Let’s take the streets. Give them a house and, most importantly, access to education. ” She is tireless in her pursuit of a quality life for the kids she serves, and she is in inspiration to any one who is fortunate enough to come in contact with her. You can find her on Facebook and join the Facebook page dedicated to helping children in Uganda